Adventures in Buying Your Daughter her First Bra

The first bra a girl buys is a big deal. Although our food editor LeeAnne Wright has no recollection of it, she re-experienced it recently with her tween daughter. They had decided to make a day of it, starting with the big (well actually, small) purchase first.

Here are five tips she passed on about the dos and don’t of shopping for your daughter’ first bra:

• Go to a specialty bra shop. We hit La Senza that had a “Girl” section within. The staff is trained to fit bras. This is no time to go to Wal-Mart, you need a professional. It doesn’t mean it has to be expensive. They  spent just over $10 for each of the four properly fitted bras.
• Once properly measured, let your daughter pick the bras to try on. You may think that a pink plaid bra with goofy pictures is ridiculous but keep that to yourself. They are sensitive enough about body changes to begin with. Contain your inner Letterman.
• Encourage her to try on many bras. Although they are all the same size each one will feel different. Comfort counts here.

• Leave the sibs at home. The last thing your daughter needs is for her 7-year-old brother to start cracking boob jokes.
• Go out for lunch after the purchase to celebrate the milestone. She might remember the whole affair and share the tradition with her daughter.

While at Le Senza LeeAnne asked a few of the employees at what age most of the girls come into purchase bras. They said they get lots of 8- and 9-year-olds but she was shocked when they spoke of one 6-year old that came in a bought a bra and this wasn’t a cami, it was a padded cup bra!

Are girls developing too fast or is this part of the slutting up of our daughters?

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