Baby’s First Steps

What to expect from your baby, literally step-by-step.


Having a baby is a wonderful time. For new parents, every new day brings with it a new experience; some new development in your baby. Even the smallest thing such as a change in expressions like the ability to smile or recognize a parent will strike wonder and awe in a guardian.

Parents want to see their baby to grow and develop according to the norms. They know they shouldn’t but inevitably they will compare their baby and child’s development to others of the same age. There are of course, checks in place with physicians to ensure that your baby is developing normally so it is always monitored.

When a baby develops towards taking his/her first steps, it can be a stressful period for the parents as they probably need to keep a closer eye than normal on the child. This is because the child is inevitably more active and inquisitive and of course can come to harm as a result. The toddler is trying to pull themselves up so will use all manner of household items to do this; some will not be suitable and could put them in harm’s way as a result.

This post and infographic from Shop Twinkie details what you should expect in terms of walking stages and your baby. It also gives some good advice for when your baby begins to walk and outlines how to choose the right pair of shoes. Check out the infographic below.


new-baby-ctaThis story is part of our New Baby Guide. Check it out for more info on bringing home, planning for and surviving having a new baby.

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