Bright and Modern Baby Boy’s Nursery Ideas

This former decorator chose vibrant colours and crisp white walls to make her son's nursery stylish and fun

A former magazine editor and decorator, Tamara Robbins Griffith’s eye-catching design style has appeared in magazines and newspapers across the country. She is  currently the PR manager for TJX Canada (Winners, HomeSense and Marshalls). This is her six-month son Noah’s room.

CF: What was the room before it was a nursery?
Tamara Robbins Griffith:
The previous homeowner used it as the bedroom for a four-year-old. It doesn’t have a closet, so we kind of went back and forth over whether or not it should be the nursery or a den. The wee space won out as Noah’s room, mostly because I knew I was having a boy, and we wouldn’t have dresses to hang up.

CF: What made you choose this style?
TRG: As soon as I saw the red star wallpaper, I was smitten. I’m usually a lot more traditional, but I love modern nursery furniture. It’s something about the juxtaposition of clean lines to all the busy pattern and colour in kids toys.

CF: What is your favourite thing about the room?
TRG: I adore the chair, partially because I remember sitting in it as a child. At that time, it belonged to my grandfather and was olive green vinyl.

CF: What will happen to the room when Noah gets older?
TRG: Noah may end up moving to the den and perhaps a new sibling might take over in the space. I designed it in a gender-neutral palette that could work for a baby girl or boy. It could even be a beautiful home office for me.

CF: What was your biggest budget-saver?
TRG: Definitely making use of existing “adult” decor from the living room and master bedroom of our condo. First of all, it saved us a lot of money, but it also kept the room from looking too babyish.

Grand Total: $4,616






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