Guest Post: Child’s Play

Last week on Martinis for Milk, I was musing about playing with children. While my husband creates intricate games and stories in moments, I seem to be missing that gene.

My faithful blog readers suggested I focus on what I’m good at. So I thought I’d share with you the types of games I come up with:

WPT Training: I drop a pack of playing cards on the floor and get the kids to play a variation of 52 Pick-Up (one that involves identifying numbers, but also suits—so they’ll be ready for that Texas Hold ‘Em tourney in their future).

Cents and Sensibility: I pour out the entire contents of their piggy bank (usually in search of Loonies for bus fare), and then get the kids to put it all back in (enhancing fine motor skills and teaching them to clean up my messes).

Iron-Fisted Chef: “We’re going to bake us some cookies dammit! Yes, I know Mommy isn’t much of a baker, but just go with it so that I can feel like I’ve contributed to your childhood.”

Guess the Show: After I let them destroy the kitchen for the sake of producing hockey-puck cookies, someone has to clean up. So I call upon my favourite babysitter—Treehouse. But sometimes the children still request my interaction, in which case I call out, “Whoever tells me what this next show is called fastest can have another hockey-puck cookie!”

What unconventional games or activities do you make up to pass the time with your kiddos? Leave me a comment below.


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