Day of Pink: Stand Up to Bullies

Photography by Eddie~S, Flickr (CC)

Your kids might have skipped out the door this morning sporting pink shirts for Day of Pink to show that they’re against bullying and the harm it does to their peers. But parents know that Day of Pink is more than a single day, or a fashion statement. It’s a small strike against the thing that each of us fears will happen to our children, or even (since bullies come from somewhere) because of our children.

Perhaps you saw Jonah Mowry’s video plea for help after years of bullying. The 14-year-old teen garnered public (and star-studded) response for speaking up about the abuse he suffered at the hands of his classmates.

Canadian celebs have spoken out against bullies, too. We love this “It Gets Better” video starring an all-Canadian cast, and also comedian Rick Mercer’s spot-on rant about teen bullies and suicide.

Read more about Day of Pink, learn how to support your gay teen when they come out to you, and find out how to keep your child safe from cyber bullies. And if your child is accused of bullying other kids, we’ve got sound advice for that, too.

Did you wear pink today? What are you doing to make sure it really does get better?

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