9 Myths about Winter Illnesses

9 myths that people believe about illnesses...and why they are not accurate or true.

There are so many myths about illnesses and health running around out there that sometimes it’s difficult to distinguish fact from fiction. Here are the most prevalent ones and why they are absolutely untrue.

Myth #1: Starve a fever and stuff a cold (or vice versa)



The Facts:

There’s some evidence that this piece of medical advice was actually popularized by classic American novelist Mark Twain—a man who trained as a steamboat pilot, not a physician. “And let’s remember that in Twain’s era, bloodletting was still seen as a viable treatment,” laughs Dr. Gary Smith, a pediatrician from Orillia, Ont., and a member of the Canadian Paediatric Society Public Education Committee. “This was not a time of high science.”

Smith adds that there’s absolutely nothing to this one, and parents should ignore it, opting instead to treat viruses such as cold and flu with straightforward tactics like lots of rest, plenty of fluids to promote hydration as well as nutritious meals.

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3 responses to “9 Myths about Winter Illnesses”

  1. denis says:

    Myth #5. Wanna bet. It put me in bed for almost two weeks within 2 days of getting the shot, Never had another flu shot. Use Vitamin D3 instead.

  2. Kimberly Gutkind-Santos says:

    Everyone is different and to say that you cannot get the flu from the flu shot is a complete myth. To say otherwise is crazy……. Both my daughter and I just had physicals and we were 100% healthy, then we had the flu shot and we both were diagnosed with the flu within 24-48 hrs after the flu shot. This was not a one time thing either this happened 3 years in a row. So YES having the flu shot CAN give you the flu!!!!!!!! BTW we were both sick for at least 2 weeks every time……. We never had the flu shot again and have never had the flu again. It’s been over 5 years since then!

  3. Ettina says:

    Of course you need to be exposed to the virus, but getting cold weakens your immune system and makes it more likely that the exposure will lead to actual illness. Same with stress, other health issues, poor diet, etc. All of those can lower your resistance to whatever illness you’ve been exposed to.