Family Update: Ending the Autism/Vaccination Debate, Canadian Parents are Too Laid Back, School Sleep Schedules and More

The study that started the vaccination/autism scare has been retracted. Probably too optimistic to say the debate is over, however:
The end of the autism/vaccine debate? (CNN)

A group of psychologists have put ‘parenting’ at the top of a redesigned version of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs:
The way we live now—Living to be a parent (New York Times)

Italian parents were the strictest, Canadians had the least control, and the French just do everything right:
Canadian parents more lenient than Europeans (Globe & Mail)

If your child is having trouble getting back into the swing of school:
How to reset your child’s sleep schedule (Globe & Mail)

Unless you happen to have $500,000 to spare, that is:
Invest in Kids shuttering its doors at the end of September (Parent Central/Toronto Star)

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