Family Updates: Teachers and Social Media, Helicopter Parents, Picky Eaters and More

Children need a healthy balance of rules AND freedom to be successful:
Extreme Parenting: Helicopter Parenting as an Extreme Sport (Strollerderby)

Blood is thicker than water, but love trumps both:
Meeting Our Son’s Birth Mother (The Globe and Mail)

“There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man” – Winston Churchill:
• Horse Power: Empathetic Animals Help the Eating Disordered (The Calgary Herald)

Dear frustrated parents of a child who won’t eat—you are not alone and there is hope:
Picky Eater: Inspiration From Pizza, and a Pint-Sized Finicky Eater (Healthzone)

A defaulted future:
College Loans Weigh Heavier on Graduates (New York Times)

Networking, texting and emailing from personal accounts forces teachers to walk a very thin and razor-sharp line:
Keep the Social Out of Social Media, Teachers Told (Parent Central)

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