Guest Post: Best Salon For Kids’ Haircuts In Toronto

Haircuts For Kids, Not Melon Heads

For the last two-and-a-half years, I’ve put off taking my daughter, Isla, for her first haircut.  Born with a full-on Clooney Caesar, I’ve instead allowed it to flourish into a wavy mane far too abundant for a child her age. I suspected I would eventually drag her to one of those places like Melonhead, where she would perch in a car or airplane, distracted by a Dora DVD. But before I could resign myself to that, a better option presented itself: Buzzcuts and Ponytails ($30 a cut), the kids-only Sundays at Toronto’s swishy Hair on the Avenue. Also on offer? Blowouts for mommies  ($29).

To make the salon tot-friendly, the flat screen at reception plays cartoons, tiny robes (!) and cups of hot chocolate are provided, and there’s a mini DVD player and jar of candy at each cutting station.

While the plan for a trim didn’t exactly shake down as hoped—she flat-out refused the robe, requested a programming change on the portable TV, and proceeded to shriek and flail when a towel was placed around her neck—it was the acquisition of a lollipop (spied in the hands of the much more amenable five-year-old Cleo) and the patience of stylist Tara Lorenzoni that finally accomplished the goal.

Ah, bribery. There’s nothing it can’t achieve.

Haircuts, $30, Buzzcuts and Ponytails at Hair on the Avenue, 416-922-0112.

—Lesa Hannah, beauty editor of FASHION magazine

One response to “Guest Post: Best Salon For Kids’ Haircuts In Toronto”

  1. Tony S. says:

    I took my son to Melonheads and it was great, and cheaper than that! They played his favorite show on the big screen, and had lollipops and balloons.