Have You Stopped Marking Milestone Moments?

Illustration by Rosemary Travale

Here in the office we have children ranging from newborn to five. Recently our associate editor, Melissa, who is on the tail end of her mat leave with one of the sweetest boys ever, proclaimed she has stopped worrying about whether her son is meeting the appropriate developmental milestones. My girl is way past the baby stage but I still worry about—and later celebrate—every milestone.

Sure, there may be more of them to hit in those first two years of life, but recently both Jen, our editor-in-chief, and I have been bragging about the things our five-year-olds have been achieving. Her son now hits the road on his bike without training wheels, while my girl, who recently lost her first tooth, has learned how to “jump in” while skipping and is this close to making it across the entire length of the monkey bars at our local park. These may pale in comparison to big ticket items like talking and walking but they amaze us just the same and remind us how time is flying by. Sigh.

—Robin, CF‘s senior editor

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