Hot Or Not: Best Nursing Cover

Oh the great generational divide, the nursing cover. Put it on your registry and you’re bound to hear (unwanted) feedback from your mother, grandma or someone.

While we do shy away from those involving the word “hooters,” we’re not embarrassed to admit that we love the more modestly named Bébé au Lait nursing cover ($39).

Thanks to the Bébé Au Lait nursing cover, you too can look as unruffled and possibly as lovely during feedings

And not that we feel the need to defend anything that encourages moms to nurse in comfort, but here are our top five reasons it’s worth having:

1. The rigid neckline lets you peek down easily, so you can take relax while perfecting the latch.

2. Active babies are slightly less likely to whip the whole thing off. Or at least take longer to do so.

2. A terry cloth corner eliminates the need for a chin wipe.

3. No need to schlep to a dingy nursing room, if you could even find one.

4. There’s a pocket for breast pads. Or, say, a chocolate bar.

5. Nursing to sleep? Closet nurser? Formula feeder? The generous size could conceal a small three-year-old.

What do you think: modern must-have, or a pretty piece of clutter?

PS: We also love Bébé au Lait’s super-absorbent towels and brilliant double-sided bibs.

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