How to Tell When Your New Baby Is Hungry

Deciphering your newborn's cries and cues in those early days at home can be a challenge. Here are a few hunger signals to watch for in your new babe

Photography by Jon Ovington, via Flickr (CC)

Navigating life with a new baby can be overwhelming, especially during those early days. Trying to decipher every cry that comes out of your sweet little bundle may leave you feeling frazzled, particularly when it comes to feeding time. While not all babies have the same cues to let you know that they’re feeling hungry, there are a few basic behaviours that may signal Baby is ready to eat. Here are a few key cues to watch for.

Early hunger signs
If your baby is smacking or licking his lips, he may be starting to feel those hunger pangs. Opening and closing his mouth, or sucking on his lips, hands, toys or clothing, could also signal that he is ready for a feeding.

Active hunger signs
If your babe begins rooting around on the chest of the person holding her, looking like she’s attempting to latch, it’s time for her to eat. You may also notice her moving into the position that she usually takes while nursing. Fidgeting, breathing quickly, sudden fussiness or repeatedly touching your chest may also signal that your babe wants to nurse, ASAP.

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