19 Things that Prove it’s Über Cool to Be a Parent

How many reasons can you think of that prove it's cool to be a parent these days?

We know it’s cool to be parents. We love being parents. Having kids is super awesome and fantastic.

But when we try to explain this to non-parental-types, our words often fall on deaf ears. So, we hunted high and low for the most amazing things that come along with being a parent (other than the hugs, adoration, conversations, craziness and unconditional love of course). Things that make it cool to be parents, like Lego (seriously, that stuff is awesome!), über cool, fashionable strollers and yes, even candy (cuz we buy it, telling ourselves it’s for our littles when honestly? It’s for us.).


1. Lego


Yeah, yeah yeah, you’re buying it for your child…even though your child is 6 months old (smile). Parents put together a lot of Lego over the years and this set is for us. How cool would this look on your desk at work..? And you can tell everyone your child put it together and insisted you put it on display.

Lego Architecture, New York City Set, $75.00. Available at Shop.Lego.com


2. The Coolest Stroller on the Block


Dutch mobility master Bugaboo and iconic lifestyle brand Diesel are back with their third and final collaborative collection. This time they’re offering the most rebellious stroller on the market—The Rock. Meant to empower fashionable parenting, The Rock is a sleek and stylish design featuring wax-coated dark fabric, rock-inspired metallic studs and an iconic seat backing that’s sure to make stylish parents stand out from the crowd.

Bugaboo by Diesel Rock, $975.00. Available at Bugaboo.com or Snugglebugz.ca


3. Warm Towels (Trust Us)


This is something we thought was a total extravagance when we received it as a Baby Shower gift. Now that the kidlets are getting older, warm towels are a serious extravagance and not only for them. Step out of the shower and into a perfectly warmed towel or robe. A towel warmer is a great way to indulge in a little extravagance every day.

Brookstone Towel Warmer, $130.00. Available at BedBathandBeyond.ca


4. Hand-Held Video Games


When games on your phone just aren’t enough, the Nintendo 3DS provides a high-quality gaming experience that’s great for kids—and (sometimes secretly) loved by parents. Plus, us totes hip parents can play with the characters we grew up with on games like Mario Cart 7 and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.   

Nintendo 3-DS, $240.00. Retail locations and information available at Nintendo.com


5. Camera, Action!


The Kidizoom Action Cam by VTech lets little videographers (or slightly bigger videographers) capture their adventures. The Action Cam is a great first video camera for kids and is durable enough to handle drops and tumbles. It can go anywhere and do anything kids (or kids-at-heart) can do with two included mounts so they can attach it to their bike, skateboard and more (thinking it would be kind of awesome to attach to the car…!).

Kidizoom Action Cam by VTech, $60.00. Available at Walmart.ca


6. Super Cool Carrier


Gone are the days of super feminine carriers. This is one that Dad will be proud to wear too! Tailored for your busy lifestyle without any of the distractions, the Beco Gemini Baby Carrier offers four fully adjustable positions for newborn carry and beyond.

Beco Baby Carrier Gotham Print, $230.00. Available at Snugglebugz.ca.


7. Board Games


Yes, kidlets love board games…but so do us grown ups! And what better excuse to play RISK (and—of course—kick butt at it), Monopoly or Yahtzee than because you’re spending quality time with your littles? Just try not to rub it in how badly you kicked butt…no dancing…no “na-na-na-na-ing”.

Board Games, various pricing. Available at ToysRUs.ca.


8. Candy


Yes, we know it’s bad for us and we know it’s bad for our kids…but sometimes we just can’t resist. But honestly, tossing a bag of Nibs, mini chocolate bars or sour watermelons in the grocery cart (with kid attached for bonus points) is not a crime. And of course, since we know they’re bad for our kids, we *may* hide in our bedroom and eat them without letting them know they’re missing out.

Candy, various prices. Available at CandyFunHouse.ca.


9. Ways to Stay Organized


Staying organized is the bane of every parent’s existence. Between school trips, sports practices, birthday parties and camp schedules making sure your littles are where they should be at any given time can be rough. So why not use something like a smart watch (we love the Apple watch, but Motorola, Samsung and Fossil make great ones too) to keep on top of things? It can remind you of everything (and it looks super swanky on your wrist).

Apple Watch, $400.00 – $22,000. Available at Apple.com.ca.


10. Robots


Experience Meccano’s new innovation in robotics with its latest offering, the Meccanoid G15TM Personal Robot. When you build a Meccanoid Personal Robot (with your child…of course!), you’re building a friend. It’s easy to assemble, just use the real tools included. When you’re all done building Meccanoid’s frame and have plugged in the batteries, it will use its MeccabrainTM to guide you through connecting its motors.

Meccano – MeccaNoid G15 Personal Robot, $220.00. Available at Walmart.ca.


11. TV


TV may just be a parent’s biggest fear and their biggest ally. You want to score a 30 minute window to take a bath (alone) or do a few quick emails? No problem, TV is great. But then you do run the risk that your kidlets will glue themselves to it, right? Well, never fear, Netflix is here. We love it because it’s directed television with definite time limits. Need 20 minutes? Put on an episode of Paw Patrol. Want to cuddle with your little on the couch? Pick an age-appropriate movie. Want to watch Orange Is the New Black or Scandal after the kidlets go to bed? Netflix, my dear….Netflix.

Netflix Membership, $8 – $12 per month. Available at Netflix.com

12. A Big Bed


Once you’ve had a child you kind of come to the realization that your bed is no longer your own. They’ll be there reading at night, they’ll cuddle with you during a thunderstorm or after a bad dream and they’ll jump in and wake you in the morning. Therefore, we believe all parents deserve the best. bed. possible….and on that note, why not make it a King-sized…? Or a California King?

Tate Upholstered King Bed, $2,300.00. Available at CrateandBarrel.com

13. Total Beverage Freedom


The lightweight, double-walled stainless steel bottle keeps beverages hot or cold, which is fan-bloody-tastic for our kidlets’ water.  It’s also non-leaching, toxin free, virtually unbreakable, and have wide mouths for easy cleaning or adding ice cubes. It will keep coffee hot and wine cold for hours on end. And no one will ever know what’s in it if you don’t tell anyone.

S’well Bottles, in 9-, 17- and 25-oz sizes, $38.00-$58.00. Available at Indigo.ca

14. An SUV


While the world may be moving towards smaller cars that don’t guzzle gas, once you pop out at least one mini-you, you are more than entitled to something on the larger-than-a-car scale. Why not up the ante with a gorgeous SUV like the Honda Pilot? No one can judge you when you explain you need the space for your kids and their sports gear…and no one can begrudge you the superiority you’ll feel driving it :)

2017 Honda Pilot, from $36,000. Available at Honda.ca.

15. Dancing


We mentioned hand-held video games, but what about gaming consoles like a PlayStation or a Wii-U? We can justify having one for the kids (because kids love video games)…and then we can use it on the sly when our friends are over sipping on “Mommy Juice”…or when we just feel like dancing. Make sure you get the littles a copy of Just Dance (and then use it when they’re not even there!). Your moves are there if you just use them!

Just Dance for Wii, Wii-U, PlayStation 4 and X-box One, $30.00-$40.00. Available at Best Buy.

16. Backyard Fun

This is the backyard zip-line with an integrated seat that allows kids (or adults, since it supports up to 250 lbs. and accommodates all heights) to swoop through the air while remaining close to the ground. A galvanized steel cable wraps around two trees at an incline and riders zip from one end to the other while holding the pulley with a bungee braking system that slows or stops the zip-line.

The Seated Backyard Zipline Kit, $200.00 USD + $15.95 shipping. Available at Hammacher.com.

17. Instant (Like Really Instant) Formula


Say goodbye to the time and hassle of manually preparing baby’s bottles. Introducing Formula Pro, the revolutionary new way of preparing your baby’s formula bottles. Like a Keurig for your baby, this machine measures, mixes and warms your bottle for you so you can avoid the 2am sleep deprived mixing disasters.

Baby Brezza Formula Pro, $200.00. Available at Snugglebugz.ca.

18. Showing No Mercy


This mega cannon is a 23″ gun that is incredibly cool-looking, with a giant barrel in the back and a handy handle on the top. It holds 1100mL of water and shoots over 20 feet. No batteries are required, either—it’s just a classic pump-action mega capacity water blaster that will keep you in the battle longer than your enemies…we mean it’ll keep your kids in the battle longer than their enemies…

Yosoo 23″ Air Pressure Super Soaker Water Cannon, $36.00. Available at Amazon.ca. 

19. Being a Kid Again


Last but not least, the absolute coolest thing about having kids is getting to be a kid all over again, through their eyes (and through using their stuff sometimes!). The latest rage in kid’s personal transport is the hover board. We dare you to try one and not buy it for yourself. Go ahead…we don’t think you’ll be able to pass it up!

IO Hawk Personal Mobility Device, $1000.00. Available at Staples.ca.

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