Kids say the Darndest Things

I know my girl has an active imagination. She is, after all, only 4. We have heard tales of her many “granddaughters”, imaginary friends who have been everything from soldiers to cat owners, as well as stories about trips she taken, as in “I went to Florida last week.” Sure, honey.

But even I was surprised by an email from her teacher the other day. Turns out my girl told her teacher that “Daddy has moved to Montreal, my mom and dad have split up and he is never coming back and I am sad.” Not knowing what to say, the teacher responded by assuring her that her mom and dad both love her and she would be fine.

Ummm… well, the real story is her dad is going on a business trip (and not even to Montreal). That’s it. We’re not splitting up, he’s not moving anywhere. She has overheard us discussing people we know who have split up—has she confused these two events and merged them into one attention-getting story?

Not sure whether to applaud her imagination (maybe she’ll be a Pulitzer Prize-winning author some day), scold her for lying or worry about her grasp on reality.

—Robin, CF‘s senior editor

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