Celebrating the Lesser-Known Baby Milestones

The "firsts" nobody warned you about; the firsts that test a parent and show them what they're made of. These are the lesser-known baby milestones.


Sitting up, smiling, saying Da-Da: these are milestones that we, as parents, wait for with breath bated and cameras charged.

These are the things we anticipate from birth, and endlessly compare with our other parent friends. But these are not the only firsts in a new family’s life, and they are not even the most significant. The really iconic milestones after baby is born are not generally written about in the baby books, and they are not even limited to babies: new parents go through a lot of firsts as well.

These are the firsts that nobody warned you about, but are universally experienced; the firsts that test a parent’s mettle and the boundaries of polite conversation. These are the firsts that you won’t have to write down, because unlike those first smiles and first words, you’ll never forget when these firsts happen.

Baby’s first poop explosion


Just try not to be out of the house, or in the line of fire.

The first time you and your partner try to get intimate before the baby wakes


“What was that? Did you hear something? Is the baby crying? Oh, just forget it.”

The first time your baby stops sleeping through the night after bragging to everybody that your baby now sleeps through the night


Don’t be upset when your friends are laughing at your naivety.

The first time you forget to do your nursing bra back up in public


If you’re really lucky, your father-in-law will be your first accidental “audience.”

The frantic race to baby proof the house because your kid started rolling


You will wonder why you were so excited for your baby’s mobility to develop.

The first time you realize that grocery shopping has become the most coveted chore in your household because it means one hour of alone time


The freezer aisle never felt so warm and welcoming.

The first time you go out with adults only and spend the entire night talking about your baby


It takes a while, but eventually the conversation will not be about your kids.

The first time you realize, YOU GOT THIS

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