Lisa Canning’s Fun and Feminine Nursery

This designer gave her daughter's small room a big personality with bold stripes, simple art and cute personal touches

Canadian Family: What was the room before it was a nursery?
Lisa Canning: It was my older son John’s room. When he outgrew his crib (and Evelyn outgrew her bassinet) I took advantage of the opportunity to make the space fit for our little lady.

CF: What made you choose this style?
LC: It may sound somewhat cheesy, but my inspiration was Evelyn—I wanted to create a room that reflected her girly, joyful, sweet, yet very sassy personality. I built the room around her.

CF: What is your favourite thing about the room?
LC: Korhani Home makes beautiful, well-priced carpets that stand up well against the traffic of toddlers, yet still look fashionable.

CF: How big is the room?
LC: Tiny! Perhaps the reason I attract so many small space clients is because I live in a small space too.

CF: What will happen to the room when Evelyn gets older?
LC: Other than switching out the crib for a double bed, pretty much everything will be reused. I designed the room with this in mind to stretch my dollar and my time.

CF: What was your biggest budget-saver?
LC: The graphic paint stripes mimic the look of wallpaper, and the palette came out of convenience—the room was already the greige colour, so I just added the two shades of purple. If you are willing to put in the sweat equity involved (or know a great painter!) you can allocate funds for other items in the space.

Grand Total: $3,119

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