Our 2011 Resolutions: Togetherness, Letting Go and Breaking Big Jobs into Small Tasks

Photography by gsz via Flickr (CC)

It’s that time of year: resolution time! Just like you, we’re keen to put our best foot forward into 2011, and have a few things we’ve resolved to do better in the new year.
Here are some of our resolutions for the new year: what are yours?

“More family dinners, all together at the table. (As many as possible!)” —Jeff (Art Director)

“1. Drink more water than pop. (I love Coca-Cola so this is a biggie).
2. Tackle the part of the basement that seems to never get organized.
3. Try to rush my girl less. (I hate that I say “come on, let’s get going,” as much as I do). This does not apply to hurried school-day mornings, but when she wants to spend 20 more minutes at the park, wants to read one more book at the library or spend another hour in her jammies on the weekend.” —Robin (Senior Editor)

“We’re going to try to organize or clean one small thing each day. Could be one kitchen shelf, cleaning a bathroom sink, vacuuming the stairs, or whatever we notice needs attention—we’ll just take 5 or 10 minutes and take care of it. This way, things won’t pile up and feel totally overwhelming, and the task of staying organized and tidy won’t be nearly as time-consuming. Well, we can hope.” —Megan (Online Editor & Sr. Web Producer)

“I want to lighten up with my family—especially with my toddler. That means playing more and fretting less; laughing more and nagging less; going with the flow more and planning less.” —Christina (Managing Editor)

“My New Year’s resolution is to take more time off. That week between Christmas and New Year’s was such bliss—I had time to read, relax, redecorate and recycle lots of unused items to the local thrift shop. Best of all, I spent quality time with my 6-year-old and my husband. We skated, played games and even cooked and baked together. This is what family life is all about and I want to slow down and enjoy every second of it!” —Jen (Editor-in-Chief)

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