Say Hi to Shut-Eye

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Students postpone it in favour of last-minute assignments and savour it late the next morning. Parents of newborns can only dream of it—but not literally. According to the common phrase, babies are best at it and logs are a good example of how it’s done. If you are a new parent, or you’re now raising a newborn child, you probably can’t remember the last time you had a full night’s sleep. Here are some thoughts to sleep on—or to help get you there.

(1) Baby’s bedtimeFollow a regular bedtime schedule and make sure your little darling gets enough food and naps during the day. Use an absorbent diaper and warm sleepwear.

(2) Who’s on first Before you head to bed with your partner, decide who’s got night duty and stick to it.

(3) Liar lie-er : Instead of seeing your child neatly tucked under the covers, you find a never-ending trail of excuses. Gently remind your little one that sleep today means feeling your best tomorrow. Firmly instill a bedtime but let him pick out his pajamas. As for your busy teen, she needs eight to nine hours of sleep a night. Support her extra-curriculars and hobbies but remind her why sleep is so important.

(4) Teen Routine : Help your teen find a routine that works for him. Maybe he’s facing academic or social problems and that’s why he struggles to wake up for school. Discourage the use of television, computer, cell phones and other electronic gadgets for an hour before bedtime.

(5) Home sweet home : Now that you’re all getting more sleep, the sleepover invitations are going to start flowing in. Make sure your child is ready to sleep away from home with these four tips.

Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite, and watch out for those sleep stealers.

By Marisa Baratta

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