Shaping Your Baby’s Sleeping Habits

It’s not a no-cry solution and it’s not a cry-it-out solution. At least, that’s according to the authors of The Sleepeasy Solution, Jennifer Waldburger and Jill Spivack (Health Communications). These psychotherapists and sleep experts share a wealth of helpful, supportive sleep in their new book. Most of their solutions focus on kids older than four months, but here are a few tips on helping newborns onto the path of successful snoozing.

• There are no bad sleep habits if your child is younger than 4 months. Do whatever needs to be done to get your child to sleep.

• During feedings or diaper changes, keep lights dim and keep interactions to a minimum. Talking or playing at night will reinforce nighttime waking.

• At about eight weeks, you can begin a simple, consistent sleep routine: keep it short and predictable to help your baby wind down and understand that sleep is coming.

• At about three months, try experimenting with putting your baby down when she’s drowsy, but awake. Soothe her with your voice, pat her on the back or pick her up if she fusses. She may or may not have success with this, but don’t worry too much. She’ll be able to learn to sleep after four months, so just do what you can to help her sleep for now.

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