Help Wanted: How do You Get Your Kids to Dish?


It appears my 5-year-old has developed short-term amnesia. That must be it (wish I had Dr. House on hand to diagnose her) because it happens each day after school. When I pick her up and ask her what she did today she inevitably answers “I don’t know” or “Nothing.” I’m lucky if she tells me what she had for lunch. Even on days when I know she has gym or library, she says she can’t remember what games she played or what book they read.

Lately I have stopped asking, hoping that she’ll volunteer some information. Not a chance. The only thing I ever seem to hear about is if one of her little friends gets in trouble (okay, that was their day) or if someone has been mean to her. As for what she’s studying or who she played with at recess, who knows?

I can’t be the only one with a kid whose credo appears to come straight from Fight Club (Rule number one of Kindergarten: Don’t talk about Kindergarten). What do you do to find out more about your kid’s day?

–Robin, CF senior editor

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