Guest Post: So You Wanna Be a Mommy Blogger?

Photo by PhotoEuphoria – FOTOLIA

Mommy Blogging has become something many women get into because they think it’s trendy or lucrative. Perhaps you’ve read that Heather B. Armstrong of supports her whole family by writing publicly about day-to-day life. (Her new book is awesome, BTW.) Why not just write about poop and be able to stay home with your baby?

Here are a few things to consider before you jump into the wild world of weblogs:

• Blogging is hard work. Money-making blogs are the exception, not the rule. Those who do succeed put more hours into their online life and persona (not to mention the networking) than the average person working 9-to-5.

• It’s challenging to generate quality new material daily. Especially when naptime is the high point of your day.

• No matter how anonymous you think it is—people will find you.

• If you’re putting your opinions out there, you will be judged—publicly—so you need to have a thick skin.

• Someday you will have to answer to an eye-rolling teenager, who might wish she was never born after finding and reading your detailed descriptions of her every milestone.

Right now you’re saying, “We know that Nadine. We’re aware that posting photos of that monster tantrum will bite us in the booty some day and that all we’ll get in return is a nice lunch courtesy of Google. We still have a lot to say!”

Tomorrow I’ll tell you how to get started, how to use blogs for business and what the heck this Twitter nonsense is all about.


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