Tips on Caring for Your Stroller

At a loss for what is entailed in "proper" stroller care? Never fear, we went straight to an expert for tips and tricks!


Just as  you want to get the stroller that is perfect for you, because it is such a huge investment, you’re going to want to take really good care of it.  We talked to an expert on strollers—Liz Hysen from Toronto’s Stroller Spa—and asked her for her top 5 tips when taking care of “baby’s first car”.

1. Keep your stroller inside.

This can be hard if you are in a city in tight quarters but if at all possible, try and keep it covered, even if it’s just in a garage or under some tarp on a porch. Indoors is best to minimize rust build-up and mould.

2. Wipe your stroller down.

This doesn’t have to be a big production but if you come back inside the house from a wet day or a muddy/sandy walk, wipe down your wheels and chassis. This not only prevents rust and mould from building up but also prevents other debris from clogging up your wheels and brakes.

3. Keep your tires inflated.

If your stroller has pneumatic tires, keep them properly inflated with a bike pump when possible. The gas station is also fine, most cities do not charge for air for bikes or strollers. If your valve starts sinking, don’t despair! Get a pair of pliers and pull the valve out gently. It will extend to a length you can easily fit the bike pump onto.

4. Don’t hang heavy objects on your handlebars.

I know this is a tough one but keep your diaper bag in the basket or carry it across your shoulder or use a backpack. Many parents don’t realize that hanging heavy bags on the handlebars causes stress and possible breaks in the chassis that are expensive or in worst cases, not repairable.

5. Leave it at home.

Its tempting to bring your stroller on an airplane but if your stroller gets damaged, you are looking at a time consuming process and in some cases, the airline might not compensate you the full amount if you have gate checked your stroller. Some stroller companies offer travel bags that carry insurance so that you are completely covered if the stroller does get damaged on a flight. But if you can, bring a cheaper stroller or rent one while you are travelling.

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