Soothing Your Baby With Swaddling

Many parents find that their new addition sleeps better when he is wrapped like a burrito. Among the benefits of swaddling is that it can help calm a fussy babe and being wrapped may give him a feeling of security. It works best on babies up to four months old, but some may enjoy it a little longer. All you need is a blanket slightly larger than your little one, such as a square, cotton receiving blanket.

Soothing Your Baby With SwaddlingHow to Swaddle your baby

  • On a stable surface (such as a bed or clean floor), lay the blanket out in front of you so it’s shaped like a diamond.
  • Fold down the top corner.
  • Place baby in the middle with his head lying on top of the folded corner.
  • Hold your baby’s right arm down against his body. Pull the left corner of the blanket across baby and over his arm so that it’s snug, but not too tight.
  • Tuck this corner under his body on the other side.
  • Bring your baby’s left arm to his side and bring the bottom corner up and tuck it under his shoulder.
  • Pull the upper edge of the blanket down over his shoulder and bring the opposite corner across baby, keeping both his arms down against his body. Pull the tail of the blanket around your baby like a belt and tuck it in where it fits to prevent the blanket from unwrapping, or simply hold your baby or position him so it remains snug.


Time Saver

Swaddle in seconds using a swaddling blanket product with Velcro tabs.

“I swaddle my son to keep him warm. Plus babies are used to close quarters and I think it makes him feel secure.”

Vanessa Peters, mom of, Lauren, 5, and two-month-old Marcus, Toronto

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