The Best Vitamin D Supplement for Babies

There’s a lot of news recently suggesting a demand-based shortage of vitamin D and so forth. To me it sounds a bit like the big pharma version of new-release-video-game-console hype. But it did remind me of my first, okay, second, mummy regret. (First regret is still too raw, i.e. shameful, to add to my ongoing public confessions.)

For months following his birth, I gave my son a vitamin D drop daily, as recommended for all babies, particularly those breastfed.

Instead of researching to death the varieties available, as I’d do with any other product, I used the sample our pediatrician gave us, and bought it again. My babe sucked it back like candy, because, well, it is a chemical candy. It wasn’t until the six-month mark, when I was at in line at Shoppers, that I found out a more healthful version is available.

Another mom in line kindly told me that “a not-nasty” alternative is kept behind the counter. And it is so much better, and so much easier. D Drops contain pure vitamin D3 without any other chemicals or additives (such as artificial flavours and sweeteners, etc.). It’s also odourless, doesn’t require a dropper and your dumpling only needs the tiniest drop that fits on the tip of the top of a blueberry.

If you can’t find it locally, this great online pharmacy ships free across Canada.

PS: Do you think doctors should hand out large-size “samples” of baby products? Technically, it’s not an endorsement, but it seems implicitly so. Are sleepless new mums being preyed on? Is this akin to formula samples in the hospital?

And what vitamin do you give your baby? Thanks for sharing.

—Melissa, CF’s lifestyle editor

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