Tips for Parents: Shoe Shopping Made Easy

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Shoe shopping with children can often be a nightmare.

If your children are anything like mine, it takes exactly four seconds for them to immediately fall in love with the most inappropriate pair of shoes in the store. Either they are too expensive, they are super gaudy or they do some fancy light-up trick. And yet, my children are fixated and unwilling to try on anything else. Sometimes this results in complete meltdowns inside of our favourite shoe stores. Sometimes the meltdowns are theirs and sometimes they are mine.

A friend recently suggested a genius shoe-shopping idea. Honestly, I wish I had talked to her before my most recent back-to-school shoe-shopping excursion. It’s simple, really. Have your children stand barefoot on top of some construction paper. Trace their bare feet and cut along the lines. Take the outlines with you to the shoe store instead of the real feet (and the real little people attached to them). I guarantee you that the paper feet won’t beg and plead for the light-up, shiny shoes.

What do you do to make shopping for kids a little easier?

—Ali, senior associate editor of

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