To Feed or Not to Feed: A Breastfeeding Dilemma

Photo by Vladislav Gansovsky/Fotolia

As a member of the online community, we tend to keep an eye out for hot topics of discussion amongst moms on the web. Over the past couple of days, we’ve noticed that one topic in particular has been quite… heated.

Without getting into details or naming names (and we would respectfully ask that our commenters follow that lead), the issue of breastfeeding a baby that is not your own has recently taken centre stage in the world of mom blogs. Now, it’s certainly not a new issue—in fact, it wasn’t that long ago that we blogged about Salma Hayek feeding another woman’s baby while on a humanitarian mission in Sierra Leone—but it is an issue that stirs up some very strong opinions and even stronger emotions.

While the practice of using wet nurses goes back to antiquity, in our modern society it is not nearly as common as it once was. With the introduction of baby formula, the practice of wet nursing became practically obsolete. In North America, where the issue of breastfeeding is a passionate and often polarizing topic, the practice of wet nursing evokes some very strong reactions.

We can’t help but wonder: as mothers, as friends of other mothers, do you feel that breastfeeding another woman’s child is wrong? Is it something that you would consider doing for someone else? Would you allow a friend to breastfeed your child?

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