Your Guide to Baby Diapers

Not sure which diapers to chose? Here are four top picks

Photography by Carlo Mendoza

Photography by Carlo Mendoza

For Little Ones

Huggies Little Snugglers
Designed for babies up to 10 pounds, this disposable diaper features a unique U-shaped umbilical cord cut-out, which helps keep your newborn comfy while his belly button heals. A pocketed back waistband and patented leakage protection contain messes, plus a wetness indicator changes colour when wet.
$0.41 per diaper (newborn, pack of 36)

Overnight Needs

Pampers Baby Dry Diapers
These disposable diapers feture snug, stretchy sides that flex and move with your baby. Three layers of absorbency, including a wider UltraAbsorb core, soak up wetness and provide up to 12 hours of overnight leakage protection.
$0.44 per diaper (size 4, pack of 52)

Hybrid System

Great for your baby as he grows, this one-size water-proof diaper cover comes in 12 colours and is available with a snap or a hook/loop closure with stretch-to-fit tabs so the diaper adjusts to fit more babies from seven to 35 pounds. Choose between a microfibre stay-dry cloth liner, organic cotton pre-folded inserts or disposable inserts.
$20 for one-size diaper cover with one stay-dry insert


Earth’s Best Chlorine-Free
Fragrance-, latex-, dye- and chlorine-free, these alternatives to conventional diapers are made with naturally absorbent (and renewable) materials such as corn and wheat. Breathable sides keep baby comfortable, and a moisture barrier cuff keeps everything in.
$0.45 per diaper (size 2, pack of 44)



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