Back to School in 4 Easy Steps

Illustration by Ryan Snook

It’s that time of year again — the kids are headed back-to-school. Before you get overwhelmed, focus on taking things one step at a time.

Step 1 Start preparing early. Follow this week-by-week guide on how to prepare your family for school.

Step 2 Meet the teacher. Introduce yourself and you, your child and your teacher will feel more comfortable. Familiarizing yourself and your child with the environment will soothe anxiety. Parents and teachers can offer you advice.

Step 3 Did you know it is more important to prepare your child’s sense of curiosity than to have her memorize the alphabet? If your child is just starting school, instill in her a desire to learn and she will do so quickly. Learn more about how to prepare your child for school.

Step 4 So your child is ready for school, but he needs food to keep up his energy levels! We can help you save your energy by doing the thinking for you—prepare these cool snacks for school.

by Marisa Baratta

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