Bringing TEDxKids into the Classroom

How one teacher turned the popular TEDx events into a forum for her students

Photography by TEDxKrakow via Flickr (cc)

Photography by TEDxKrakow via Flickr (CC)

Inspired by a TEDxToronto event she attended, teacher Monica Cheung organized a TEDxKids event featuring her Grade 7 students at Pringle Creek Public School in Whitby, Ont. It wasn’t a simple process: The kids had to come up with a theme with broad appeal, and Cheung had to apply for a TEDxKids license.

The key to the event’s success, says Cheung, is that her students were in charge. After developing their theme — Change in Action — they wrote speeches, practised for nearly two months, set up the event and recorded each talk. Topics include the impact of video-game trolling and the ripple effect of small changes. “It allowed them to reach their potential without anyone telling them what to do,” says Cheung. “A lot of them said it was the highlight of their year.”

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