5 Tips for Bullying Prevention at School

Now that school is back in session, issues with bullying become more likely. Teach your kids to handle and prevent it with these five simple tips.


Back to school is a busy time of year for both students and parents, where the lazy days of summer give way to the structure of the classroom. For many kids it’s a time to catch up and socialize with friends, but for others this time of year can cause anxiety over bullying.

Here are five ways you can set your children up for school year success:

1. Have ongoing discussions

About relationships and bullying with your children throughout the school year. This means exploring what a positive relationship looks like, demonstrating that conflicts can be resolved and boundaries can be communicated and accepted in respectful ways, listening openly to any concerns that they raise, helping them to identifying their feelings, and together finding solutions to prevent bullying behaviours.

2. Observe your child’s behaviours closely.

Remember “all behaviour has meaning”; any drastic change in behaviour tells you something is impacting him or her. Know when the problem is getting too big for them and intervention is needed.

3. Equip your child to handle cyberbullying.

In four simple steps: stop visiting the site, block the site, tell an adult about it, and save the screen so there is a record.

4. Encourage your child to take a stand.

By: telling an adult they trust if they see or know that someone is being bullied; not becoming part of the “cheering group”; providing support and friendship to the person being bullied; using his/her influence to change the situation.

5. Remind your children often that you love them.

And want them to experience healthy relationships. Build their capacity and self-esteem.

Make this school year a safe one for everyone by building healthy relationships and creating a safe space for all students. For more information and resources visit redcross.ca.

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