Alberta Law Allows Parents to Pull Kids Out of Class

Photography by Kevin Lam for Pride Toronto

A new law passed in Alberta this week gives parents permission to pull their kids from classes that involve discussions around sex, religion or sexual orientation. A story on reports:

A clause in the bill, which is an amendment to the province’s human rights legislation, requires that school boards give parents written notice when controversial topics are going to be covered in the curriculum. Parents can then ask for their child to be excluded from the discussion.

The Alberta School Boards Association plans to seek legal advice on just what constitutes a controversial topic, and how far in advance the notification will be required. There are also concerns that teachers now run the risk of being brought before a human rights tribunal if the take a misstep.

We wager that, unfortunately, the kids who will be pulled out of these discussions are probably the ones that would benefit most from them.

(Check out the comments on the story – some interesting insights from local Albertans!)

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