Back-To-School: One Mom’s Plan for Lunches

Photography by Michael Alberstat

My daughter, Charlotte, starts Grade 1 next week. She’s fine. I’m anxious. Why? I have to make her lunch every day. (Up until this point, she has enjoyed a hot, nutritious meal at her daycare.)

I have heard horror stories from other moms on how tedious this task will become in the months going forward. Then there’s the fear she won’t eat what I packed. My own mom drew the line in Grade 3 when I came home with an uneaten lunch for the third day running. From that point on she said I was on my own (tough-love food division) when it came to making lunch; I ate jam sandwiches, crackers and cheese and bologna-and-mustard sandwiches for the next few years.

This holiday weekend, in addition to enjoying the last hurrah of summer, Charlotte and I will be sitting down to make a list of her favourite meals. I’ve printed off these 15 fabulous lunch ideas. I hope by including her in the discussion we can come to some agreement of what goes in a lunch she’ll love.

I know one that is making the list is a Build-Your-Own Meatball Sub idea (pictured at left) from our food editor, LeeAnne.

Simply defrost 3 frozen meatballs in the microwave. Cover in 2 tbsp barbecue or tomato sauce and pack in a container. Pack alongside a bun and toppers such as grated cheese, mushrooms and pepper slices.

It looks so good, I think I’ll make one for my lunch next week too.

—Robin, CF‘s senior editor

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