Back-to-School: Update on Africentric Schools

Just one year after opening its doors, Canada’s first Africentric school is already seeing success. Launched as a K–5 school, Africentric Alternative School in Toronto has exceeded enrollment expectations, filling all available spots and overflowing to a waiting list, and will expand to add Grade 6 to its offerings this year.

Other Canadian boards (including the Halifax Regional School Board) have contacted the school for more information, and the rest of the Toronto District School Board is seeking to integrate the lessons learned at the school to make education more culturally responsive for all Toronto students.

But while she’s proud of all of these accomplishments, principal Thando Hyman feels that the change in the students has been the most important area of achievement. “Based upon the myriad of parent testimonials, we can definitely see how students’ confidence level, the way they speak, the way they demonstrate leadership, has increased tremendously,” she says.

—Tim Johnson, CF‘s contributing editor

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