Family Update: New Flu ‘Shot’, Anti-Aging Pill, Birth Control Accessibility, Teen Smoking Equals Teen Stress, Back to School Jitters and More

“No pain, no gain?” No ‘shot’ in new flu shot with little pain. Don’t know if the kids will believe you though:
· New flu vaccines promise less pain (Health Zone)

Anti-aging pills may be on their way by 2020 according to new book:
· Can youth be squeezed into a pill? (Health Zone)

Birth control pills may become as accessible as Tylenol at drug stores:
· Liberating the pill (Ottawa Citizen)

Another argument for your anti-smoking message:
· Smoking may cause more stress in teens: Study (Ottawa Citizen)

The sneezing and sniffing could be a factor in something more severe:
· Are allergies associated with heart disease? (Calgary Herald)

“I don’t want to go to school!” Let the battle begin!:
· Back to school blues (Toronto Sun)

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