Family Updates: Cool Kids Wear ‘Em, Down Syndrome Day, Toddler Car Seats and Much More!

Child-stars are making 10 the new 20:
Can 10-Year-Old Pop Queens Have a Happy Childhood? (The Globe and Mail)

Celebrating the existence of 3 copies of the 21 chromosomes:
Down Syndrome: World Down Syndrome Day (Strollerderby)

Don’t sacrifice easy accessibility for safety warns American Academy of Pediatrics:
AAP: Toddlers In Rear-Facing Seat Until 2 Years of Age (CNN)

The “education premier” had better shape up with a spring election looming:
Many Unimpressed with McGuinty’s Post-Secondary Education Efforts: Poll (The Toronto Star)

Big baby benefits for longer maternity leaves:
• Stay-At-Home Mom Knows Best? (Freakonomics)

“Nuclear Boy” gets treatment, but is it making everyone else sick?
• Japanese Cartoon Uses Potty Humour to Explain Nuclear Crisis to Kids (The Globe and Mail)

“The tine grin is in”:
• Mommy, Can I Please Have Braces? (The Montreal Gazette)

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