Get ’em Out and Keep ’em Out with Outdoor Activity Cards

Photo Courtesy of Barefoot Books

Sure, the kids will happily skip outside to play when they are initially enticed by the freedom, dirt, and use of outdoor voices. But soon enough, you will experience the onset of the boomerang effect, as a stampede of neighbourhood kids parade through your house and search for ways to quench their boredom. So how do you keep your kids (and the neighbour’s kids) outside?

Introducing Kids’ Garden: 40 Fun Indoor and Outdoor Activities and Games featured on double-sided laminated cards. They are sure to provide hours of outdoor entertainment and stay good for more than one-time use.  Each card lists a project idea from one of five categories including Planting and Growing, Discovering Creatures, and Creating Garden Art. Also included is an eight-page booklet with information on gardening tools, year-round plant care and garden safety.

Helpful hint: The cards are intended for ages 8 and up, so younger children may need someone to help them read some of the projects.

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