Has Your Child Outgrown Her Car Seat? Here’s a Solution: The Oobr

If your not-so-little one has graduated from her car seat to a booster before you were ready, we found something to help ease the transition: The Oobr.

“My daughter had outgrown her car seat and was the appropriate weight and height to sit in a booster seat, but because she’s so slim, she kept slipping out of the seatbelt when she fell asleep in her backless booster seat. The Oobr allows her to stay upright if she nods off. Plus, when she is a little bigger, we can remove the headrest and back.” – Robin Stevenson, CF’s senior editor and mom of Charlotte, 6, Toronto

The Oobr is quite frankly the hippest and most functional booster seat we’ve come across. Suited for kids 33 pounds and higher, Oobr converts from full-back to backless and has a formed headrest that keeps noggins secure as well as easy-to-use belt guides, 12 degrees of recline, stain-, moisture- and bacteria-resistant (and machine-washable!) fabrics and an adjustable cupholder—what more could you want? $300, Clek.

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