How was your Parent Advisory Council experience? Hellish or Helpful?

Photo by Adria.richards via Flickr (cc)

In June, I sat in on my first Parent Advisory Council (PAC) meeting at my daughter’s school. Charlotte is starting Grade 1 this September and I thought it might be a good idea to be a little more involved in the place she’ll spend six hours of almost every day.

The meeting itself was not that exciting—mostly wrapping up stuff for the end of the school year. One of the surprising things for me was the number of dads in attendance. I had wrongly assumed it would be mostly moms. The other was that most of the members were parents of children in the French-immersion stream at our school. Only one other parent and myself had kids in the English stream. I found that a little odd. Are FI parents more keen? Who knows? Overall, though, the parents taking part in the monthly meeting were cooperative and helpful. They seemed genuine in their efforts to make our local school a great place to be.

Renée Wilson, who wrote about pitching in on her child’s school’s PAC for our September issue, on newsstands tomorrow, says her experience was similar, explaining, “I’m wondering where the bored, ex-corporate stay-at-home moms with control issues are, because contrary to the stereotype, they sure aren’t in this room.”

How is the PAC or Home and School Association at your school? Is it catty and cliquey, as the stereotype suggests? Or just a group of hard-working, well-meaning parents trying to do right by their kids?

—Robin, CF‘s senior editor

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