KidRex Offers Child-Friendly Web Surfing

With a keyboard at the hands of curious children, parents can only imagine what a child may stumble upon during any given Google search. Thankfully, they’ll be able to breathe a little easier now that Google has stepped up to the challenge of creating KidRex, a child-friendly search engine alternative.

KidRex uses Google SafeSearch technology, as well as Google Custom Search functions. The search engine filters through keywords, phrases and URLs to block inappropriate content from reaching your child. It is also monitored daily by KidRex researchers, and although some websites are bound to slip through the cracks, it’s an excellent resource for online play.

In addition to its great safety features, KidRex also provides helpful tips and tricks for parents who want to talk to their children about smart and safe ways to use the Internet, and covers topics such as the importance of password protection and the dangers of online strangers.

This creative Google masterpiece is enticing to children with its colourful interface and will make kids feel as though they have a special place on the Internet that is all their own. Set this site as your Internet homepage, and let your children discover some new online wonders.

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