New Babysitting Site Means You Might Actually Be Able to Leave the House

Photo by Ruth L via Flickr (CC)

Picture this: Friday night, you come home exhausted from another week of running errands, shuttling kids and doing a million different things. Then, your husband shows up with tickets for tonight to that thing you love (fill in the blanks here).

But wait. Dilemma. You have children! You’d have to leave in a couple of hours to make it on time, but you can’t get a babysitter that quickly, nor do you know anyone who’s trustworthy on such short notice!

Looks like plans are cancelled and it’ll be another evening of Disney flicks while you enjoy a microwaved helping of whatever’s left in the fridge.

Now, take out the last paragraph and replace it with you going out and enjoying yourself.
No really, it is possible.

SOSsitter is a website designed for the busy-too-much-to-do parent. It is in short, a database for babysitters for you to find in Ontario, British Columbia and Quebec (SOSgarde). On the site there is a database of over 4,000 babysitters who are all over 18. Also, many of these sitters are trained with children with special needs. But the site isn’t for just “baby” sitting.  It’s also available for those who’d like a sitter for the elderly and for their pets.

The site was started by a single Canadian mom who simply wanted a solution for herself and the many other parents who need a good review of babysitters.

Each sitter profile includes distance to your home (based on postal code), third party recommendations, references and whether or not the sitter has had criminal background check, so you know what you’re getting when you begin the interview process. The only thing that would make the site better is if it was free, but it is at the moment a paid site. Membership ranges from $20 to $80 depending if it is monthly, quarterly or annually.

Whether you’re looking for a night out, or for a couple-of-days-a-week care, with so many sitters you’re bound to find one that fits your schedule.

We all need a break sometimes and you deserve a night out…without the kids.

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