Nintendo To Begin Tour Across Canada

Nintendo is on its way!

Beginning August 20th, Nintendo will begin its nation-wide tour across Canada. Nintendo of Canada and Loblaw Companies have joined forces to bring Canada the latest in Nintendo Wii and DS games.

While most would think that video game events would be limited to only hardcore enthusiasts, that’s not the case here.

The events will be held in neighbourhoods across Canada and will include the chance for gamers to show off their skills, by trying out the Wii and DS systems for FREE. Families can go to any location on the tour, sample some snacks and display their Wii skills by lacing up the gloves in Wii Boxing, or match wits in the Brain Age. And if you’re up to the test, challenge other players in Wii Sport and Wii Sports Resort games.

Head on over to the Nintendo tour homepage, where they have the specific dates and locations for each event.

After all, isn’t there a bit of Mario in all of us?

“Let’s-a go!!!”

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