Ode to my Child’s JK Teacher-Part 2

My first post to our blog way back in January was about my girl’s JK teacher. As everyone on the CF team knows, I think this young woman is amazing. I could not have picked a better first teacher for my child.

Yesterday, while I was on a field trip with the class, I found out she is being moved to another school in September (I had been crossing my fingers that she would be kept on to teach the split JK/SK class and Charlotte would have her for one more year). The trip made it even more obvious how great this teacher is. The kids have been learning for weeks about bees, ants and butterflies. My girl has serenaded me with more songs about insects than I ever thought possible. Yesterday, while the kids visited a butterfly conservatory, the guide asked them how much they knew about how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly. Almost every hand went up and the kids the guide chose gave really detailed answers. These four- and five-year-olds knew their stuff. Oh ,the power of a good teacher.

We are knee deep working on our September issue which will feature the winners of our 3rd annual teacher awards. I can’t help but be touched by some of the entries we have received. It thrills me that there are so many teachers in our country that are going the extra mile for our children. They are making a difference in the lives of their students, and even in the lives of the parents.

So goodbye Ms. B. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if we see your name on our nominee list in the future. You are just that good. Thanks for turning my shy little caterpillar into a bright, confident butterfly.

Robin, CF‘s senior editor

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