Recognizing Winter Illnesses

Expert information on how to deal, how to treat and when she can go back to school


It’s that time of year again: when you marvel at (and worry about) the enormous amounts of mucus that your child’s tiny nose can pour forth, and how her little body can produce such a ferocious, hacking cough. At these times, every parent wants the best information possible on issues like prevention, treatment, and when your child can go back to school or daycare. We’ve consulted with the experts and assembled the essentials on some of the illnesses you’ll likely encounter this winter.

Flip through the pages or click on these links to go directly to read about the Stomach Flu, The Common Cold, Strep Throat, Influenza, Roseola, Ear Infection and Viral Croup.

The advice in this article is not a replacement for seeing a doctor or paediatrician. 

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