Summer School: How to Treat a Bug Bite

Photo courtesy of Pink Sherbet Photography via Flickr (CC)

There are 82 species of mosquitoes and more than 1,300 species of wasps in Canada, but all it takes is one bite to leave your child very sore.

Seeing as June and the following months are peak season for many flying pests, you’re going to want to check out this helpful tip to scratch the irritability:

David Brulé, DHMS, Homeopath, says the best remedy for any type of bite or sting is Ledum Palustre 6CH, derived from the herb Marsh Labrador Tea and available at your homeopathic dispensary. Two pellets, given immediately after a bite or a sting, will often bring down the swelling and pain. (Kids usually like the sweet taste.)

“I’ve seen a bee-stung, crying two-year-old fall silent 30 seconds after taking this remedy,” says Brulé. Sounds like a dream to us!

And if your child has a fear of bugs (or Santa Claus, or loud noises or water) then check out this useful article to help calm you little one’s worries.

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