The New ECE: Blending Daycare and Kindergarten?

All-day kindergarten for four-and five-year olds? That could be the reality in Ontario starting next year if a proposed plan is approved. The fully-funded service would be available in schools from 7:30 to 6 p.m. (not that kids have to stay the whole time). Additional daycare such as after school and summer programs would cost up to $27 a day. This new model would be phased in over three years. It wouldn’t be mandatory, but all parents would be entitled to it.

It’s estimated that the additional costs in school renovations and hiring of more teachers and ECE staff could be more than $900 million.

So, is this a good economic investment in the future of our kids, as the report states? Do you even care if it means paying less in daycare fees if it means your kids will be in one place all the time if you are currently shuttling them from daycare to their school? Tell us what you think!

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