The Tooth Fairy is Recession-Proof

Just got back from the dentist with my girl. She turns five at the end of the month and has her first loose tooth. Early teethers, explained the dentist, generally lose their teeth earlier too. Who knew?

So when I asked how much the tooth fairy should bring her when this tooth pops out she replied “$100.” “Really,” I said. “That’s a lot of money.” “That’s okay,” she said. “The Tooth Fairy has a lot of money.” (Hope the old gal has cash stashed under her bed and not in RRSPs).

When I asked the dentist out of earshot how much the going rate is for a first tooth, he said about $5. And maybe a new toothbrush. Each additional tooth is a loonie or a toonie.

Even at that rate, with 20 baby teeth, this kid is going to make a fortune.

How much does the tooth fairy give your kids?

Robin, CF‘s senior editor

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