What DIY Halloween Costumes Have You Made?

Hoot! Hoot! said my happy owl, blissfully unaware of my pin-pricked fingers and my iron-scorched hands.

Help! Looks like even though I thought I was fast, I wasn’t fast enough. All the cutest costumes in my babe’s size are gone, so it looks like I’ll be going the DIY route this Halloween. And to make sure the holiday turns out fun and not stressful, I’d like to get started soon.

If you’ve ever made your kid’s Halloween costume from scratch or by assembling various pieces, we’d love to see it. We’ll be posting collections of costumes over the next few weeks, and your costume may be the perfect inspiration for all of us.

Email your picture to win@canadianfamily.ca. Let us know any pertinent details: how long it took to make, who the cutie in the pic is and any special notes.

I’ll go first: Here’s my little bird in his handcrafted by mama, designed by Martha (Stewart, that is) owl costume. This was not a hoot to make. I started way too late, the wings had to be re-scaled to his size and I suffered several iron burns. But with enough time, it’s a winner. Beautiful felt fabrics make the difference.

I’m thinking of this octopus this year. As our managing editor, Christina, pointed out, it goes over warm clothes nicely. We’ve also got a great round-up of cheap and easy DIY costumes, here. Can’t wait to see your pic!

—Melissa, CF‘s lifestyle editor

PS: And of course there’s a prize! Show us your awesomeness, and you’ll be entered to win an adorable Pottery Barn Kids costume. (My absolute favourite retail costumes ever, with this sweet, chubby owl topping the list.)

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