3 Ways to Keep Kids Engaged When They’re Not In School

How do you keep kids engaged while they're on vacation? We've got three really great ways...

We all know how hard it is to keep kids engaged when they are in school…but what about when they’re on vacations like winter break, March break and summer break? Here are our top three activities to help keep kids’ minds and bodies active in fun and exciting ways during their (many) breaks from school:

1. Encourage them to write in a journal.


Writing is a great way to inspire creativity while developing reading, writing and critical thinking skills. You can recommend a topic or have your child record and reflect on their favourite part of the day. No matter the approach, it’s a great way to empower youth to share their thoughts and experiences through drawings, photos and stories.

2. Have them attend an overnight summer camp.


While engaging in new and exhilarating camp activities, youth develop essential interpersonal, leadership, and life skills. Parents and educators often notice the influence camp has on children’s maturity and overall growth.

With a roster of activities not available in the city, summer camp inspires confidence, creativity and a passion to learn in a supportive and encouraging environment. At Muskoka Woods for example, kids can choose from more than 50 activities ranging from traditional watersports to specialized career-based courses like graphic design, radio broadcasting, video production, fine arts and culinary arts.

3. Take them on (or arrange for them to go on) day trips.


Step out of the house and explore local parks, observatories, libraries, museums, greenhouses and events to provide your child with an exciting new experience each day. Let your kids participate in the planning process and prepare a schedule in advance to ensure they’re excited and interested in every adventure. If you can’t take the whole week off, split the duties with a group of parents. If you have 5 kids going on trips everyday, you each only have to take one day off work!

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