Need Inspiration for Last-Minute Kids’ Halloween Costumes?

Here are our favourite kid's costume suggestions from Value Village. Can you tell which ones are new and which ones are DIY?


Try as you might to teach your kids to not procrastinate, it’s easy to put off finding Halloween costumes until the last minute. Inevitably, you spend the afternoon of October 31st on your hands and knees rooting through the back of the closet, trying to find old dressing gowns that can be turned into Jedi robes or Queen Elsa gowns.

Luckily, Value Village has your back as a one-stop spot for both new costumes and secondhand clothes that, with a little elbow grease and Fairy Godmother dust, can be transformed into one-of-a-kind masterpieces. Plus, as an added incentive, Value Village has costumes for the whole family (including Rover!).

Mystical Mermaid


Who needs to walk on land when you have this beautiful, shimmering tail? Take your favourite mythical sea creature to the streets of your neighbourhood this Halloween. Nothing is more adorable than this Mermaid Halloween costume.

Goth Rocker

Goth Rocker

Who says punk is dead? She can utter the words, “It’s just a phase mom” while pretending to be a Goth girl this Halloween. This outfit is great for helping your eight-year-old discover her inner edge.

Alien Warrior

alien warrior

Outfit your kid in the extraterrestrial! Whether they’re fighting evil or creating it, this full-body alien warrior costume lets them assume any role. If you’re searching for a Halloween costume that’s “out of this world,” consider it covered with this full-body alien warrior suit.

Bee Costume


This bee costume is so cute it stings! (Sorry!) Dress up your adorable little girl as a bumble bee this Halloween. This kids Bee costume will bring out all the oooohs and awwwwwhs this Halloween. Create buzz this Halloween by going with the Bee costume for kids!



Does your little guy dream of riding his very own Harley? Let you kid cruise around in a Biker Halloween costume this year! A rebellious look for your adorable little man! It’s a simple leather jacket, metal chain, bandana, and fake goatee that will make this costume a memorable one. This one is almost entirely made from secondhand finds!

Rainbow Unicorn

rainbow unicorn

Forget a pot a gold – this gorgeous costume is at the rainbow’s end! This unicorn costume is a snap to put on and comfortable enough to wear for dress up long after Halloween.

Need more ideas? Visit a Value Village near you to get help from a specially trained Costume Consultant. With their guidance, pulling together a last-minute costume is not so scary after all. Find a store near you.

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