Your Guide to Stress Free Mornings

We know mornings are difficult...but we can help make them easier on you

make-mornings-less-stressfulWe all know that weekday mornings are probably the most stressful time of the whole week meal—especially once school starts up again. Between dragging your kids out of bed, locating that missing shoe, signing a vagrant permission slip, making sure they’ve brushed their hair and herding them out the door, try these simple de-stress-your-morning tips, tricks and ideas.

Do it the Night Before

Kids should pack their backpacks, prep clothes, set out library books and set their alarms. Teach kidlets to pack their lunches the night before too!

Simplify the Morning Menu

Try out one of our 25 simple breakfasts for busy mornings to make the meal simple, delicious and stress-free!

Create a Staging Area

A designated spot, right near the front door where all school-related stuff—backpack, lunch box, library books, vagrant permission slips—is kept, ready to go.

Make a Smooth Exit

Some mornings breakfast is the one thing you don’t have time for. Set aside some time now to work on a smoothie recipe the littles will love that is packed full of things like almond butter, coconut milk, protein powder, flax oil, berries and full-fat yogurt. It’s quick to drink before they leave and if they don’t finish on time, whip out the Glad Press’n Seal and make a quick top that you can poke a straw through (so it doesn’t spill all over your car seats).

Create Checklists

Get dressed, make your bed; eat your breakfast; brush your teeth; feed the fish; put on your shoes and jacket; grab your bag. A morning routine list—with images instead of words for the younger ones—can keep littles focused on the tasks they need to complete.

Stage a Sing-Along

The right music playing while you get ready and eat breakfast can give kids (and parents!) what they need to boogie through the morning routine. It also tends to eliminate the requests for TV time.

Rise and Shine

Yup. Getting up even 20 minutes earlier can make a huge difference in how stressful your morning is. We know it’s difficult to contemplate getting up even earlier some days but it’ll make a world of difference.

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